Your website is one of the first ways customers will interact with your brand, so it’s important to get it right. But should you go custom or DIY? Both routes have their perks, but there are at least three reasons why you should hire a web developer to get the job done right.

The Benefits of Hiring a Web Developer

Web developers are the nerdy geniuses who make websites come to life, writing lines of code to make everything look and function exactly as you want it. While hiring a web developer is more expensive than working through a DIY template, you get what you pay for: unlike templates, which leave you to your own devices, developers become your partner in bringing your vision to life, working through your wishlist and making sure everything is done correctly and securely.

The three biggest reasons you should hire a web developer are:

  • You are in need of a unique, custom interface that can handle above-standard functionality.
  • You don’t have the time or energy to learn how to build a website or troubleshoot existing issues.
  • You want a website that is searchable, accessible, and up to date with all the latest technological bells and whistles.

“Working with a web developer gives you access to industry knowledge and current web trends. It’s my job to build gorgeous websites that are fast, accessible, and ready to accomplish your goals.”

-Jessica Stevens, Web Development Team Lead

Let’s take a closer look at why each of these factors are important.

You are One in a Million

You’re not here to publish any ordinary website, no; you want your digital presence to reflect the unique products and services only your business can provide. Templates can only take you so far, and can you imagine if one of your competitors chose a similar theme? The horror! Not only do you want to set yourself apart visually but you’re hoping to add in some above-average functionality that makes interacting with your website easy and profitable. Web developers can do all that and more, pushing the limits on what’s possible to create a custom experience just for you.

Time is Money

Many DIY website builders boast an easy-to-use interface that can get your website up and running in a matter of hours, and while that’s not technically a lie, there are a lot of unspoken assumptions that go into that timeframe. If you’re not the most technologically savvy or if you need online functionality that goes above the bare minimum, chances are you’ll hit a wall before you start. Figuring out how to make a website look and perform the way you want it to can be a full-time job, so if you’d rather spend your time growing your business instead of throwing your laptop against the wall, hire a web developer and save yourself the headache.

Get with the Times

Websites should be updated every three years or so to keep up with the latest trends and advancements in technology. Web developers live and breathe websites everyday, making them well versed in what’s new and what’s vital to stay ahead of the competition. We’re not just talking about cool design trends (though those are important too); developers keep track of changes in industry tools, technology, and best practices to ensure both users and algorithms are able to find your site. Working with a developer means that your site will be all set for SEO, accessibility, and more: assurances that DIY templates can’t promise.

Develop the Website of Your Dreams with LDM!

Not to brag, but the web developers at LDM have helped us create multiple award-winning websites and we’re ready to take your digital presence to the next level. Curious about our web development process? Contact us for a free consultation where we can walk through your needs and brainstorm your next big thing!

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