COVID-19 is hitting the brakes on life as we knew it. Working from home is the new norm; toilet paper has replaced cash as the most sought-after form of paper. With everything changing so quickly, it’s hard to focus on strategy, and you may feel tempted to cut your digital marketing budget as a precautionary measure. 


At LDM, we don’t think this is a good move. Why not? Your industry has likely been impacted in one way or another by COVID-19, but businesses and customers still need each other; here is why you should continue SEO and SEM during COVID-19. 


People Need You 

Just because we are quarantined doesn’t mean we stop needing the products and services that fill our lives. Keeping up with the brands we depend on will maintain a sense of normalcy during uncertain times, helping us feel more comfortable and cared for. 


Not only that, but with more people at home, screen time is likely to be through the roof, with people on the hunt for things they need. Certain items or services may become scarce (not just hand sanitizer and TP) meaning that people will be searching for alternatives to fill the void. 


Keeping up with SEM and SEO during this time will help you: 


  • Continue to support your customers 
  • Provide value and answers 
  • Potentially introduce your brand to new customers seeking substitutes 

You Need People 

This pandemic is changing the ways industries and markets behave across the globe. Changing business, but not stopping it. At some point, we will come out the other side, and the businesses who were able to flex and adapt will likely not only survive, but thrive. 


Your customers are your lifeblood. People have a lot on their minds right now, and you don’t want to fall in their rear views. Stopping SEM or SEO could result in lost sales and opportunities, putting you at risk once the dust settles. 


Maintaining a strong digital presence will help you: 


  • Keep cash coming in 
  • Lessen industry setbacks 
  • Stay afloat despite uncertainty 
  • Stay ahead of your competition in the event of a recession
  • Avoid loss of brand awareness or page rank
  • Maintain your SEO growth and progress


We Need Each Other 

We may be socially distant, but we’re still all connected. As your partner, LDM is preparing to alleviate the coming digital marketing disruptions you will face by offering strategic recommendations to keep services going. We remain a full-service digital marketing team, monitoring our clients (from home!) to make smart, swift decisions for the days/weeks/months ahead. 


Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is built for adaptability. Even as the news fluctuates day to day, your marketing efforts can roll with the punches, using your data to shift—but not stop—as necessary. 


As the global situation continues to evolve, we can use your data to help you: 


  • Adjust for new search trends 
  • Pivot towards emerging opportunities
  • Make every dollar count 


If you have questions about putting SEM to work during COVID-19, our team is here to support and guide you. We can talk through any concerns and complications you’re experiencing, and recommend a solid action plan. Let’s work together to weather this health crisis; contact us today.

Meet Crystal Duran

Crystal Duran is a Senior Copywriter at Launch Digital Marketing. With a master's degree in Mass Communication and several published books to her pen name, she is a self-proclaimed word nerd and staunch supporter of the Oxford comma.